Aldehyde C19 ( Allyl Hexanoate )

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Aldehyde C-19, also known as Allyl Hexanoate, is a fragrance ingredient known for its fresh, fruity pineapple aroma. This chemical imparts a vibrant and tangy note to perfumes, making it a favorite for adding a tropical and invigorating element to fragrance compositions. It’s particularly effective in fruity and tropical blends, enhancing the overall freshness and zest. Aldehyde C-19 is used to create lively, playful scents that capture the essence of summer and tropical locales.

Key Features:

  • Fresh, fruity pineapple aroma
  • Adds a vibrant and tangy note to fragrances
  • Ideal for tropical and fruity perfume blends
  • Enhances the freshness and zest of scents

30ml, 100ml, 500ml, 1 Lit.


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